We design and build a variety of healthcare projects including physician’s and dental offices and clinics, ERs, ambulatory care and surgery centers, cardiac and cancer centers, imaging centers and radiology oncology centers.




We work with our clients to identify the ideal locale for their facility. We perform economic feasibility, real estate, census, traffic count and other studies to pin point the best areas in which to buy the land and build the facility. At every step, we work hand in hand with our clients to refine these locations until they are satisfied with having found the “perfect” site to open their new facility.


D & B Services

We collaborate with the client to ensure every aspect of the design process is to their specifications, while ensuring that all health department filings and requirements are met and adhered to. Here at Medical Way Development, we take care of all the contracting, engineering and build out aspects of the business and provide transparency at every stage of the process to our clients.



If a client wishes, once the facility is built we can find a buyer for the real estate, usually at a significant profit to the construction cost. The client remains in the facility and leases the space back from the buyer, who has paid the client a price well over what it cost them to build the facility. These funds can be retained by the client, re-invested in the business, or used to repeat the process with another facility.


Our Portfolio

We love designing modern, functional spaces with a focus on efficiency and durability. We create a smooth process flow from inception to occupancy, delivering innovative & quality healthcare facilities that serve the needs of our clients and help positively impact patient outcomes. Here are some of our latest projects:

Lonestar 24Hour Emergency Room


free standing Imaging Laboratory in New Braunfels